Voters with Disabilities Activated Register to Vote


Bernard, a black man with a white beard, fills the frame and wears a green shirt

A Good Fight

To make our voices heard and protect the advances we have made, Bernard plans to vote in the Georgia runoff elections and urges everyone who can to do the same.

Six voters with disabilities smile at camera

Take Action and Vote!

We’d like to express our gratitude for their participation, and all of the individuals who contributed their stories, in our get out the vote video series. 

Teresa, a woman with blonde hair wears a red SABE shirt and smiles for the camera

Self-Advocates – Go and Vote!

Through her work at SABE GoVoter Project, Teresa Moore works to get more people involved in the political process and to advocate for their own inclusion.

Spencer, a white male in his 20s with a long brown beard smiles for the camera

Now, It’s Very Important

Spencer Rigby discusses his love of hunting and the outdoors, and the accommodations that enable him to pursue his passions. He’s determined to cast his ballot, whether that’s by mail or in person.

Crosby, an older white male wearing glasses, looks at the camera while in a room with lavendar walls

Keep Up the Good Fight

Crosby King explores how he grew into an activist after becoming disabled, and his history of protests and arrests.

Mary-Ann, an older woman with white hair, wears a pink top and looks to the camera

We Need To Move Up

Mary-Ann Langton, a disability activist from West Hartford, Connecticut, talks about the future of disability rights.