Take Action and Vote!

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Take Action and Vote!

In this wrap-up video, Juliet Salih, Valerie Novack, Ruqayyah Bailey, Mia Ives-Rublee, Mary-Ann Langton, Imani Barbarin, Rafael Rolón-Muñiz, Crosby King, and Sean Gold, and Zach Borodkin call on us to get out there and vote! We’d like to express our gratitude for their participation, and all of the individuals who contributed their stories, in the National Disability Rights Network’s get out the vote video series.

This series aimed to highlight that disability can impact all aspects of life. This is true when it comes to voting – it can shape our beliefs and values and motivate us to advocate for change.

From the diverse range of issues that drive us to cast our votes, to the very process of doing so, disability has an impact.

This is why we’re supporting Self Advocates Becoming Empowered GoVoter Project survey. Every two years, SABE’s GoVoter Project surveys people with disabilities about their voting experience. The survey results help guide the advocacy of SABE, NDRN, and countless other disability organizations and decision makers.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we learn what has improved in the voting process and what still needs to be fixed.

To fill out the SABE GoVoter Project survey you can follow the “share your voting experience” link at the top of our main Voting page. The survey is available in English and in Spanish. For a print copy of the survey, contact Juliana Huerena via email at [email protected].

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Voters with disabilities, share you story! What issues motivate you?