Power at the Polls

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What’s Important to Us?

Our community is big, diverse, and pays attention to a wide range of issues. Like every other voter, we often care most about the policies that affect our everyday lives. Check out these videos on why we are passionate about everything from healthcare to social security to education to local issues.

Woman wearing a shirt that reads "feel the power of the disability vote" shirt

I Became A Poll Worker

Diana Mairose shares her experience in working as a poll worker and discusses why being involved is important to her.

Valerie, an African American woman, smiles for the camera while sitting in a coffee shop

We Can Make Something Better

Disability policy researcher and mental and chronic illness advocate Valerie Novack speaks to the ways in which local elections often determine who is in charge of how people with disabilities are treated by the criminal justice system.

Tell Us Your Voting Story

What motivates you to vote? Reach out to us to share your voting story!

Need help getting ready to vote?

No matter what state or territory you are in, we can help you register, learn your rights, and make a plan to vote. Find our member organization in your state or territory.

A Right to Participate

Our right to access as voters with disabilities is guaranteed by law. No matter how you need to vote, whether by mail or in person, it is our right to participate in the political process. Check out this video from our friends at Rooted in Rights on how to participate if you have an assistant.