Now, It’s Very Important

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Now, It’s Very Important

In this video, Spencer Rigby, who uses a wheelchair, discusses his love of hunting and the accommodations that make it possible for him to fully enjoy the great outdoors. As he puts it, “I love the outdoors, so [I enjoy] any outdoors thing.”

Spencer hunts from a vehicle, like inside an RZR (a side by side off-road vehicle) or a truck. This is possible in part thanks to the accommodations he is provided with, which allow him to use a tripod and hunt from a vehicle.

At the time of the interview (October 22), Spencer had not received his ballot yet. But he does not intend on letting that stop him from voting. As Spencer says,

“I’ll go into town and do it [vote] there.”

Spencer encourages people with disabilities to vote and to be involved in the political process, even when doing so requires a bit of help. As he explains:

“I’d talk to their parents, maybe, and say ‘Hey can you help this person out in trying to vote. Now, it’s very important.'”

To learn more about the accommodations that can enable you to enjoy the outdoors or any aspect of life, you can contact your local Protection and Advocacy agency.

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