We Need To Move Up

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We Need To Move Up

In this new video, Mary-Ann Langton, a disability activist from West Hartford, Connecticut, talks about the future of disability rights. She acknowledges the importance of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act but calls for lawmakers to further expand the rights of people with disabilities. As Mary-Ann puts it,

“The ADA was a great tool. However, we need to move up more – higher in the system.”

She emphasizes that there need to be alternatives to nursing homes and certain congregate settings. She explains, “There need to be more options for independent living. Some people need help all the time. And right now that isn’t available.” She continues,

“Some people are stuck in nursing. Housing is a major issue because there is not enough accessible housing.”

Mary-Ann stresses the importance of education as a gateway to civic involvement. She tells us, “Education is incredibly important, so that all people, with and without disabilities, get involved in the political system.” She closes out by reiterating the importance of voting in the upcoming election, “this is the only way to get your voice heard.”

You can learn more about what is on your ballot so that you can be ready to cast your vote at Vote411.org – a nonpartisan website by the League of Women Voters Education Fund. Learn more about how to cast your ballot by checking out the National Coalition for Accessible Voting’s Plan Your Vote 2020 guide. As always, you can learn more about how to vote in your state and what accessible options are available from your local Protection and Advocacy agency.

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