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People with disabilities work in all areas of the American workforce. However, too many remain unemployed, under-employed or stuck in dead-end, segregated "training" programs that pay them less than the minimum wage. The Client Assistance Program (CAP) and Protection and Advocacy agencies are working to change these outcomes, providing advocates and attorneys to people with disabilities who want real jobs. Nationally, NDRN is advocating for changes in laws to further the ability of people with disabilities to be employed in integrated environments at competitive wages.

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March 3, 2017
NDRN urges to reject H.J. Res 37 and S.J. Res 12

On March 3, 2017 NDRN sent a letter opposing H.J. Res 37 and S.J. Res 12, the Congressional Review Act (CRA) disapproval resolution of the 2016 Federal Acquisition Regulation rule.

August 15, 2016
NDRN, New Venture Fund Partner to Address Transition

On July 13, NDRN brought together a diverse group of individuals with an interest in health equity, education or employment for people with disabilities to articulate barriers to successful transition outcomes, identify promising strategies to overcome those barriers and develop concrete recommendations to improve transition outcomes and health equity. The following documents represent the findings and recommendations as well as five Stories of Successful Impact we identified. The meeting and the work leading up to it was sponsored by the New Venture Fund with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

September 10, 2015
NDRN Calls on Saint Louis To Support Minimum Wage for Everyone

After the City of Saint Louis increased the minimum wage, some called for an exemption for employers who hire people with disabilities. NDRN

August 10, 2015
NDRN Announces Support for the TIME Act

In a letter to Senator Ayotte of New Hampshire, NDRN announces support for S. 2001, the Transitioning to Integrated and Meaningful Employment, which takes the important step of eliminating subminimum wage and getting employers to work toward alternatives to subminimum wage employment.

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Learn about the laws that exist to protect people with disabilities in the workplace.


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Read NDRN's reports on segregated employment and the practice of paying people with disabilities less than the minimum wage.