Real Work for Real Pay

Too many people with disabilities remain unemployed or stuck in dead-end "jobs" that pay them less than the minimum wage. The Client Assistance Program (CAP) and Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Network are working to change these outcomes, providing advocates to people with disabilities who want real jobs. NDRN advocates for changes in laws to further the ability of people with disabilities to work in real jobs for fair pay.

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  • ADA & Civil Rights

    Is the Web Accessible to You?

    March 16, 2023

    We are asking that you please provide examples of when a website or application was inaccessible to a person with a disability, either you or a friend or family member.

  • Employment

    Disability Rights In the Workplace: The ADA

    October 13, 2022

    Employees with disabilities have a right under the ADA to a workplace which is free from harassment. Similar to sexual harassment prohibitions...

  • Employment

    ADA Employment Rights for People with Disabilities

    October 12, 2022

    This powerpoint provides a basic overview of the employment rights under the ADA and its impact on people with disabilities.