Disability Rights In Black Nomination Form

Disability Rights In Black Nomination Form

Calendar with Disability Rights in Black in main picture space. Typewriter font. In left corner “Feb. 2020” appears in white and the Pan-African flag (horizontal triband of red, black, and green) appears next to that. A small NDRN logo appears at the bottom.

NDRN is proud to celebrate Black History Month 2020! Join us each day throughout February to recognize the remarkable contributions of past and present Black disability rights advocates and attorneys. Each day will feature a different profile via social media of a Black advocate or attorney who has previously influenced disability rights or who is currently making an impact in their communities. The series will also highlight Black youth who aspire to reimagine disability rights in ways reflective of their dreams for a more inclusive and intersectional future.

Fill out the submission form below for someone you think should be featured in our Disability Rights In Black Series!

With this series, chosen nominees will be celebrated via social media and may later be asked to submit a picture as well as a two-minute video/brief quote exemplifying their efforts. We may also request that nominators of deceased candidates contribute a short video or message expressing how the nominee has influenced them personally and disability rights more widely.

Although this series is primarily designed to center the contributions of Black people with disabilities, Black nominees without disabilities who have made an impact on disability rights will also be carefully considered.

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    Nominees must be 1. Black/African-American/Afro-Latinx 2. A past, current or future Advocate or Attorney; or 3. Someone with a demonstrated commitment to the protection and promotion of disability rights.
    If the nominee is deceased, please note in the "other" field.
  • Please be creative as this response will help our review team focus on the standout qualities of your candidate.
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    Please click the attach button below to include any additional files such as pictures, the nominee’s resume, articles or other examples of their work.

Please note, nominees will be selected based on the quality of your nomination not how many nomination forms are submitted.