NDRN Celebrates Black History Month with Disability Rights In Black

February 1, 2020
NDRN Celebrates Black History Month with Disability Rights In Black

Calendar with Disability Rights in Black in main picture space. Typewriter font. In left corner “Feb. 2020” appears in white and the Pan-African flag (horizontal triband of red, black, and green) appears next to that. A small NDRN logo appears at the bottom.

NDRN is proud to celebrate Black History Month 2020! Join us each day throughout February to recognize the remarkable contributions of past and present Black disability rights advocates and attorneys. Each day features a different profile via social media of a Black advocate or attorney who has previously influenced disability rights or who is currently making an impact in their communities. The series also highlights Black youth who aspire to reimagine disability rights in ways reflective of their dreams for a more inclusive and intersectional future.

Follow along every day in February with #DisabilityRightsInBlack

Day 1. Harriet Tubman | Collective Liberation

Day 2. Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands | Representation Matters

Day 3. Keri Gray | Intersectional Inclusion

Day 4. Brad Lomax | The Black Power of the 504 Sit-ins

Day 5. Leroy Moore | Black Disabled Art History

Day 6. Lois Curtis | Olmstead

Day 7. Hope Lewis | Legal Scholars With Disabilities

Day 8. Washieka Torres | Inclusive Food Justice

Day 9. Imani Barbarin | Create New Narratives

Day 10. Azza Altiraifi and Valerie Novack | Disability Justice

Day 11. Tacha Marshall | Educational Advocacy

Day 12. Valerie Slater | School To Prison Pipeline

Day 13. Disability Rights North Carolina | What It Means To Be A Voice

Day 14. Claudia Gordon | Caribbean Connections & Cultural Collaborations

Day 15. Kate Gainer | Words of Wisdom On Disability Activism

Day 16. Anil Lewis | Blackness, Blindness & Diversity

Day 17. Vilissa Thompson | Cross-Movement Organizing

Day 18. Ever Lee Hairston | From The Civil Rights Movement to The Disability Rights Community

Day 19. Kayla Smith and Morénike Giwa Onaiwu | Self-Advocacy and Autistics of Color

Day 20. Christopher M. Bell | Black Disability Studies

Day 21. Jimel Wright | Preventing Violence Against Women

Day 22. Felicia Jordan and Jatinique Randle | Legally Based Advocacy

Day 23. Sam Gleese | The Story of Jackson Mississippi’s 1st ADA coordinator

Day 24. Marian Wright Edelman | Defending Children with Disabilities

Day 25. Renaldo Fowler | African American Conference on Disabilities

Day 26. Monique Green | Parenting with a Disability

Day 27. Betty Williams | The Right to Hope and Dream

Day 28. Ryan Easterly | Diverse Decision Makers in Philanthropy

Day 29. Erricka Bridgeford | Baltimore Ceasefire 365 / Resilience & Wholeness

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