Harriet Tubman: Disability Rights in Black 2020

February 1, 2020
Harriet Tubman: Disability Rights in Black 2020

Today we are proud to kick off our Black History Month celebration by honoring Harriet Tubman!

Irrefutably one of the greatest Black liberators of all time, Tubman made thirteen recorded trips back into Maryland’s treacherous slave territory to free 60-70 enslaved people and later freed nearly 800 others in South Carolina as the leader of an armed expedition for the Union Army. After being struck by a 2-pound weight as an enslaved teenager, Tubman began experiencing what she then referred to as sleeping spells but what Black historians now believe were most likely epileptic seizures.

Check out today’s video tribute below courtesy of Lorrell Kilpatrick, a powerfully passionate member of The Harriet Tubman Collective.

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