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NDRN believes in the right of all students, including those with disabilities, to an equitable and appropriate education in a safe environment, based on access to the general education curriculum. NDRN seeks to accomplish this goal through federal policy work and through the Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Network, who enforce our nation's education laws on the state level.

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    NDRN Joins Amicus in IDEA Case

    December 30, 2016

    NDRN and seven other national and state disability rights organizations filed an amicus in a state school funding case to contest the trial court’s misstatement of the rights of students with disabilities under the IDEA.

    Amicus Brief
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    NDRN’s section by section analysis of ESSA – Title 1

    December 8, 2016

    This document is intended to be a quick reference guide for the Protection and Advocacy Network. The guide outlines areas within ESSA that may be of particular interest to the P&As, contrasts it with the former No Child Left Behind Act and details why the provision is relevant. Read…

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    Get the Facts About ESSA

    December 8, 2016

    ESSA Fact Sheet on Accountability ESSA Fact Sheet on Assessments ESSA Fact Sheet on High Schools ESSA Fact Sheet on Teachers

    Fact Sheet