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Federal fiscal policy is the number one priority of NDRN for several reasons. First, our members, the P&A/CAP network, are mandated by federal law to protect the legal and civil rights of people with disabilities and provide advocacy for individuals with disabilities to obtain the services and supports needed to live and work in their community.  Along with this mandate comes federal funding for P&A/CAP work.  P&A and CAP funding has not kept up with the rate of inflation or the increase in requests for advocacy being received throughout the Network. 

In addition to P&A and CAP funding, federal funding for critical disability programs are an issue of importance.  The majority of important disability-specific and low-income programs are federally funded. Therefore, cuts at the federal level threaten the continued existence of these important programs and the ability of people with disabilities to find needed supports and services in the community.

NDRN believes that Congress must address the significant and growing unmet needs of children and adults with disabilities and their families by increasing existing federal funding, including funding for the P&A/CAP network. 

Taking Action

Capitol_BuildingEvery year, NDRN calls on Congress to increase funding for our members, the P&A/CAP Network. See the appropriations requests for each program under Budget Links.  





Budget Links

FY 2018 Appropriations Fact Sheets: