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Voting Makes Progress “Readily Achievable”

Under the ADA, public accommodations are required to remove structural and communications barriers only when doing so is “readily achievable” – which means easy to do and not particularly expensive. Often public bodies and politicians think taking down barriers will be too costly or difficult. This is how we wind up with the majority of polling places not being fully ADA accessible. This goes beyond polling places, and includes access in education, equity in healthcare, and fully funded social services. But what if changing their priorities was readily achievable?

Voting is how we exercise our power.

Voting is how we make ourselves heard.​ Voting is how we go from “it can’t be done” or “it’s too costly” to

“I’m going to do this for the +20% of my constituents who are people with disabilities or else they could vote me out!”

Now, more than ever, NDRN is fighting not just for access to the ballot box but for using it to ensure politicians are meeting the needs of voters with disabilities.

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point participation gap among voters with disabilities
would be more likely to back pro-disability rights candidates
0 %
very concerned about Social Security and Medicare
+ 0 %
say our rights are under attack
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