Writing Isn’t Second Nature, It’s My First

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Writing Isn’t Second Nature, It’s My First

Sean Gold, a public speaker and author, reflects on his writing and what politics means for him. Sean, who has cerebral palsy and uses a tracheostomy breathing tube, knew that he has always had a love for writing. As he puts it,

“For me, writing is like an escape. It allows me to be expressive. Furthermore, since I am non-verbal I am always typing on a device, phone, computer or some type of communication device to be involved in conversation going on.”

Transitioning to politics, Sean explains that as a gay disabled African American man, politics is not something he can simply ignore. He has to closely follow topics like access to healthcare, education, the future of the Americans with Disabilities Act, all of which directly impact his life. He expresses his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, “with everything Black Lives Matter is fighting for will be helping me have a better quantity and quality of life.”

Sean elaborates on how specifically improving access to healthcare and the range of services available will improve his life. Sean says, “Expanding healthcare access is important to me, because of the cost of everything I need. I rely on it to pay for the cost of my motorized wheelchair, medical supplies, medications, and doctors’ appointments.” Sean continues,

“What [Medicaid] doesn’t cover is a private duty nurse. Due to my spastic movements, it makes it too dangerous for me to do my own [tracheostomy] care. Having a nurse or nurses will give me more independence in life.”

Sean concludes by urging people to vote, even when it is discouraging at times. He urges everyone: “Do not skip the most important election in history.”

To learn more about Sean, you can follow him on Twitter at @AuthorSeanGold or Like his Facebook page.

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