Right to Voter Assistance for People with Disabilities

December 19, 2023
Right to Voter Assistance for People with Disabilities

The types of assistance people with disabilities may need to vote successfully varies. It could include help with learning about voting procedures and timelines, becoming familiar with candidates and issues, and understanding the ballot. It could also include assistance with voting tasks such as registering, completing, and/or returning a ballot, such as transportation to the polls or a mail or drop box; reading, writing, or marking an application or ballot; or returning a mail ballot. People may need assistance from a variety of trusted sources, including family, friends, neighbors, paid attendants, and facility staff in congregate settings.

This memo explains the rights of voters with disabilities to receive needed assistance, and describes the legal landscape related to laws and litigation about those rights.

Memo on the right of voters with disabilities to assistance

Word Document version of the memo

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