Voting Rights of People with Disabilities Subject to Guardianship

July 18, 2023 Virtual 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Voting Rights of People with Disabilities Subject to Guardianship

Voting is a fundamental right, but one that is denied to many people with disabilities because they have a court-appointed guardian or conservator. State laws and practices vary widely, but restrictions on voting rights for people subject to guardianship may violate the US Constitution as well as federal voting rights and anti-discrimination laws. As practitioners, understanding the legal landscape in this area is critical to being able to represent and apply the law fairly. This webinar will offer tools for lawyers, guardians, and judges to best protect the voting rights of people with disabilities in the guardianship process.

NDRN is offering 1 CLE credit hour for purchase for this webinar and plans to apply for accreditation in the following states—Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Many other states are also covered through reciprocity including California, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, and New York. The application approval status will be updated here and should be considered pending until otherwise indicated. The cost is $35 for P&A/CAP Network Members and $50 for the General Public. If interested, please register for the course, and pay separately for your CLE credit via this online payment form. Participants must follow the procedures below to earn credit. Once payment is received and attendance is verified, NDRN will issue CLE certificates by August 18th.

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If you have any questions about the CLE credits, please contact us at [email protected]. CLE approvals received:
Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin

Elissa Gershon, NDRN
Thomas Nichols, Disability Rights Arkansas


English captioning and ASL interpretation will be provided for this event. If you need Spanish captions to participate in this event, please submit your request via the registration form no later than 2 weeks prior to this event. If you need any other accommodations, please contact us at [email protected].