Renée Pruitt

Renée Pruitt
Portrait of Renée Pruitt

Representative Payee Program Analyst

Monitoring and Investigations

Before joining NDRN in September 2019, Renée worked at the Georgia P&A, the Georgia Advocacy Office, for over six years. During her time there, she was an advocate before becoming the Director of the Developmental Disabilities Program. She worked on the first iteration Representative Payee Project from 2014-2016, and coordinated orientation and values based trainings. In 2018, she led the development and implementation of the Representative Payee Program.

Renée previously worked at Hope House Foundation in Norfolk, VA, where she led a team of direct support professionals to support people with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities to expand their advocacy skills, live in their own homes, gain more independence in their lives, and contribute to and find membership in the community. Renée sees her career as a way to honor the legacy of her aunt. Her significant influence in Renée’s life from a young age guided her into a life of advocacy.