Rebecca Shaeffer

Rebecca Shaeffer
Rebecca is a white woman with blonde hair. She's smiling at the camera and wearing a dark blue shirt.

Staff Attorney

Legal Services

Rebecca joined NDRN in July 2023 as a Staff Attorney at NDRN for criminal justice and institutions. In this role she provides technical support and training to P&As in their work monitoring, investigating and litigating rights abuses against people with disabilities involved in the criminal legal system, from police emergency response to jails, prisons and re-entry.

Prior to joining NDRN, Rebecca worked for over a decade in international human rights, where she helped to develop and implement new standards for criminal procedural rights in Europe, the US, and Latin America, and supported networks of criminal defense lawyers with international and comparative legal expertise and peer learning facilitation. She served on the steering committee that produced the Mendez Principles, the first international guidance on police interrogation, and on the ABA Criminal Justice Section Task Force on Plea Bargaining. Rebecca is committed to building power at the intersection of the disability and criminal legal reform movements, which share an orientation toward abolition, de-institutionalization, community care and liberation.