Marcia Baldwin

Marcia Baldwin
Portrait of Marcia

Professional Development and Training Specialist

Training and Technical Assistance

Marcia Baldwin joined NDRN in January 2019. She supports NDRN’s training initiatives by collaborating with staff on instructional design, adult learning theory and training best practices for webinars and live presentations. She also provides project management and training coordination support for annual conferences. Prior to joining NDRN, she managed a national certification training program, designed and developed training courses for federal government agencies, conducted global training workshops for a non-profit international development organization, and ran her own small business. She earned a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communication Studies and American Government from the University of Virginia.

In 2017, Marcia was surprised by a later-in-life multiple sclerosis diagnosis. She also has close family members with disabilities, including autism. She’s always sought out mission-driven work in her professional career, and is committed to creating equity and access for everyone with a disability.