Cory Bernstein

Cory Bernstein
Portrait of Cory Bernstein. Cory is a white man with dark hair and brown eyes wearing a dark gray suit with a faint purple pattern, a blue dress shirt, and a purple tie patterned with silver and blue squares. He is standing outside behind a blurred background on a sunny, but slightly cloudy, day.

Staff Attorney

Legal Services

Cory Bernstein (he/him) joined NDRN in August 2022 as a Staff Attorney on the Institutions and Community Integration Team. His work centers on providing P&As with technical assistance on their records and facilities access authority, as well as conditions in institutional settings for adults. Through this work, he organizes collaborative efforts between P&As on common issues they identify in institutions. Before joining NDRN, Cory worked at Disability Rights New Jersey as a Staff Attorney, concentrated on mental health-related casework and policy. He has a B.S. from Tulane University in Legal Studies in Business, and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.

Cory is particularly interested in using collective action to challenge the ways systemic inequality and social forces can cause and contribute to individual psychiatric diagnoses. He passionately supports deinstitutionalization, alongside robust community-based mental health services focused on equitable outcomes and available to everyone.