We have power, we have to use it

October 29, 2021
We have power, we have to use it

In this video, Chris Miller from Disability Rights New Jersey reflects on what voting means to the disability community and to him personally as a voter with cerebral palsy. To begin, voting is about selecting the politicians he will trust to make informed decisions about the disability community.  

As Chris notes, “When politicians make uneducated [decisions], it directly affects our quality of life.” He continues that we need to make sure that people with disabilities can be in the “community where we chose” which is why he thinks we need to educate candidates about our needs “to push our issues to the spotlight.”  

Chris calls on people with disabilities to get involved in the political process. With stakes like these, voting is too important for us to stay on the sidelines. As Chris says, “We have power, we have to use it.” “And one way to use our power is to exercise our right to vote.” Chris concludes by reminding us that “our democracy only works if people participate.” So go out and vote this Election Day.  Show the strength of the disability community. Help elect people who will make decisions that support our community, and make sure our democracy includes our voices.  

If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time in many jurisdictions to get everything you need in place. Go to https://www.vote411.org to verify your registration status, find out what’s on the ballot, and to find a polling place or ballot drop box. This video was made in collaboration with the National Council on Developmental Disabilities and Disability Rights New Jersey.