Sunstorm Stories 2023

September 26, 2023
Sunstorm Stories 2023


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In collaboration with Foundations for Divergent MindsSeeded Ground, and the John Hopkins’ Disability Health Research Center, NDRN is proud to release 10 new Sunstorm Stories! This project continues our efforts to prioritize the pandemic experiences of people of color with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities. The stories are featured in short narrative videos and are reflective of Covid’s lingering impact on the disability community.

These lived experiences highlight the critical need for more Black, Indigenous & other Leaders of Color with disabilities across all public health systems. Throughout the series, featured storytellers offer messages of solidarity while also urging medical professionals to meaningfully improve inclusion, enhance access and prevent discriminatory treatment.

Check out the Sunstorm 2023 storytellers below as they share their experiences, ideas, and recommendations for how we can collectively build a more equitable public healthcare system.

Zoe Carter | Student Leader, National Coalition of Latinx with Disabilities
Amina Sam | Trauma Informed Organizational Change Champion, Regional Resource Group
Scherrone Dunhamn | Retired Federal Employee, Advocate for People with Disabilities
Melody Cooper | Advocate for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Tariq Naseef | Nonspeaking Person with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities.
Ebony Deloach | Leader & Peer Supporter for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Daniel Alexander Wilson | Student with Disabilities
Deja Barber | Vaccine Ambassador
Timothious TJ Gordon Jr |Researcher-Advocate at UIC Institute on Disability and Human Development
Shanell Davis | Advocacy Support Professional with People Inc

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Questions about the series or interested in contributing to future editions of Sunstorm Stories? Contact us at at [email protected].