Members of the National Disability Rights Network Receive Special Recognition

June 14, 2023
Members of the National Disability Rights Network Receive Special Recognition

Four members of the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) received the NDRN Advocacy Award for outstanding work protecting and advocating for the rights of people with disabilities.

  • Disability Rights Oregon was honored for its efforts to address shortened school days for students with disabilities.
  • Disability Law Colorado was recognized for its advocacy on behalf of incarcerated youth eligible for IDEA services.
  • Disability Rights Connecticut received the award for its work protecting Social Security beneficiaries with representative payees from financial exploitation and fraud.
  • Minnesota Disability Law Center was honored for its legal advocacy and litigation to enforce community integration rights under the landmark Olmstead Supreme Court case.

The NDRN Advocacy Award is given each year to P&As who have demonstrated outstanding work, allied organizations who have partnered with P&As, as well as to P&A clients who have successfully advocated for improvements in services that not only benefitted them but the broader community of people with disabilities. 

The awards were presented during two general sessions at the 2023 National Disability Rights Conference which was held both in-person and virtually this year.

“The challenging work of disability rights agencies often goes unnoticed, but it is critically important to ensure that people with disabilities experiencing abuse, neglect, discrimination, or other violations of their rights have a place they can turn to for help,” said Executive Director Marlene Sallo. “NDRN is honored to recognize the outstanding advocacy of our members.”