NDRN Joins Amicus in Voting Rights Case

September 15, 2017
NDRN Joins Amicus in Voting Rights Case

Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute, U.S. Supreme Court, #16-980

On September 15, 2017, NDRN and Disability Rights Ohio joined eight other organizations including unions, homelessness organizations and voting rights organizations in an amicus brief in support of the challenge to Ohio’s voter registration list removals.

The June 11, 2018, decision in Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute, 138 S. Ct. 1833 rejected a challenge to one of the practices used by Ohio to remove voters from the state’s voter rolls. By a vote of 5-4, the justices agreed that the practice under question – referred to as the “Supplemental Process” does not violate federal laws governing voter registration.

Justice Sotomayor in wrote a separate dissent citing the NDRN amicus which noting that Amici explain at length how low voter turnout rates, language-access problems, mail delivery issues, inflexible work schedules, and transportation issues, among other obstacles, make it more difficult for many minority, low-income, disabled, homeless, and veteran voters to cast a ballot or return a notice, rendering them particularly vulnerable to unwarranted removal under the Supplemental Process. See Brief for Asian Americans Advancing Justice, et al., as Amici Curiae 15–26; Brief for National Disability Rights Network, et al. as Amici Curiae 17, 21–24, 29–31; Id. at 1864.