Marty Strauss

Marty Strauss
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Legal Intern

Legal Services

Marty Strauss is a J.D. candidate at Harvard Law School.  His work at NDRN focuses on the experiences of people with disabilities in the criminal legal system.  This summer, he plans to work on, among other things, promoting alternatives to policing that do not result in incarceration or involuntary commitment for individuals experiencing mental health crises, and improving conditions for people with disabilities who do end up confined.

Marty’s interest in disability justice stems from his own experiences as a neurodivergent person and his recognition that many actors within the criminal legal system do not understand—or are even afraid of—disability.  He is particularly interested in intersectional criminal legal issues, and exploring how race, class, gender, sex, and other factors compound the injustices faced by people with disabilities.

Prior to interning at NDRN, Marty earned a B.S. in Materials Engineering from Brown University and worked for several years doing digital accessibility consulting at Level Access.