Lois Simpson

Lois Simpson
Portrait of Lois Simpson

Interim Executive Director

Ms. Simpson, a native of New Haven, Connecticut, presently serves as the Interim Executive Director of the National Disability Rights Network. Previously, she served for thirty-nine years as the Executive Director of the Advocacy Center of Louisiana (now Disability Rights Louisiana). Ms. Simpson will oversee NDRN operations and liaise with the Board of Directors until a permanent executive director is appointed later this year.

Ms. Simpson attended college in New Haven, Connecticut. From there she went to Brazil where she served in the Peace Corps for two years, after which she moved to Louisiana where she received Master of Arts and Master of Public Health degrees from Tulane University, and later a Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola University School of Law.

Ms. Simpson’s interest in disability law flowed naturally from her work in health systems both in Brazil and the U.S. While health care in both places was quite good for people of means, those without substantial resources often went without care or with inadequate or inappropriate care.