2020 P&A/CAP Annual Conference Session Submission Instructions

2020 P&A/CAP Annual Conference Session Submission Instructions

Follow these instructions to submit a session proposal for the 2020 P&A/CAP Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ which will be held June 15 – 18, 2020.

Initial Session Submission

1. Access the Speaker Portal by going to https://app.certain.com/ev/161026.

2. On the landing page, click Submit a Proposal.

Screenshot of Speaker Portal Login Page. It reads "Welcome! This is the NDRN Speaker Portal for the upcoming P&A/CAP 2020 Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ, June 14 - 18. Thank you for your interest in presenting a session at our event! If this is your first itme to our portal, please click Submit Session to create your Speaker Profile and submit your proposal. If you have already registered as a speaker, please log in." Relevant action buttons on the right hand column.

Figure 1. Speaker Portal Login Page

Once you log in to the portal, if you are submitting the session on behalf of someone else and are not the speaker, click the green bar at the top that says I Am Submitting On Behalf of Someone Else to expose the appropriate fields in which to enter your own information. Then, enter your own name, email and position in the appropriate fields before continuing with the form to enter the actual speaker’s information.

Screenshot of action button that reads "I Am Submitting on Behalf of Someone Else"

Figure 2. Button for Submitting for Someone Else

3. Complete the personal information fields under Speaker Information. Required fields are marked with a red *.

  • If you have not already done so, you will need to create a password that you will use to access the Speaker Portal (and your event registration account) in the future.
Screenshot of Speaker Information Section with the fields Prefix, First Name, Middle Initia, Last Name, Suffix, Email, Work Phone, Organization, Mobile, Position and a "Change Profile Pic" action button (Files of 600 pixels or smaller in JPG and PNG file formas recommended). At the bottom Speaker Log in information is requested with the fields Username, Password and Confirm Password

Figure 3. Speaker Information Section

  • Do not change the username – it must be your email address. Please be sure to use the email address you have used to register for other NDRN events in the past, if applicable.

4. Continue entering speaker information on the form in the Additional Information section.

Screenshot of Additional Information Section with fields - Address line 1 and 2, City, Postal Code, State, Country, Credentials (i.e. Esq., MD, PhD., etc.) and Bio

Figure 4. Additional Information Section

5. Review the questions in the Voluntary Demographic Information section and respond to the ones which you wish to provide.

Screenshot of Voluntary Demographic Information section with the text "As a disability rights organization, NDRN works to insure full participation of persons with disabilities, especially individuals who consider themselves self-advocates. As part of a broad civil rights community, NDRN is commited to having racial and ethnic diversity at its annual conference. We also attempt to ensure that there is a broad demographic participation and attendance from P&As across the country. To fulfill these requirments, we as you to voluntarily identify you preferred pronounds, whether you have a disability, and your race and/or ethnicity. This information, should you elect to share it, may be disclosed to federal oversight officials." The field forms that follow read "What are your preferred pronouns?" "What is your racial and/or ethnic background" and "Do you have a disability?"

Figure 5. Voluntary Demographic Information

6. Enter any personal pages (URLs) you wish to share in the Social Media section.

  • Note that for Twitter, you need to enter a URL, not your Twitter account name.
Screen shot of Social Media section with "Facebook" "Google+" "LinkedIn" and "Twitter" fields

Figure 6. Social Media Information

7. In the Session Proposal section, you must enter the following information for your submission to be considered complete:

  1. Session Name – a unique title for your session
  2. Session Type –select Concurrent Session (this is the only type of session for which NDRN is accepting proposals)
  3. Session Description – a brief description of the session content
    • Please note there is no spell check function, so you may want to review your entry before submitting it.
Screenshot of Session Proposal section with "Session Name" "Session Type" "Tags" "Job Functions" "Learning Objectives" and "Session Description" fields

Figure 7. Session Proposal Section

8. You may also enter Learning Objectives if you halve already identified them, but they are not required as part of the initial session proposal.

9. If there are other proposed speakers for this session, please enter their Name, Email Address, Organization Name and State in the fields provided. You may add up to 3 Proposed Session Speakers in this section, but none are required for submission.

Screenshot of proposed speaker section with "Proposed Speaker" Name, Email, Organization and State fields

Figure 8. Proposed Session Speakers Section

10. Click Cancel at the bottom right if you decide not to create your speaker profile and submit your session proposal.

11. Review all of your information, and when ready to submit, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of Save and Cancel buttons

Figure 9. Save and Cancel buttons

12. The system will automatically return you to the Log In page. You will see a brief pop-up message that says Saved Successfully, and you will receive an email confirming the session submission.

Submitting Additional Session Proposals

If you would like to submit more than one session proposal, follow these directions to submit additional proposals.

  1. Log in to the speaker portal by entering the username (your email address) and password you created when you initially entered your speaker information. (Use Forgot Password feature if you cannot remember your password.)
  2. Use the navigation menu on the left side to view different pages of the portal.
    • My Information – Review and edit your personal information. Please note that some of this information (TBD) will be shared with conference attendees via the website, mobile app and program guide.
    • My Sessions – Review and edit (until the deadline) details of your submitted session(s).
    • Submit New Proposal – Submit another session proposal.
    • My Tasks – View and mark as completed any assigned tasks from NDRN.
    • Presenter Guidelines – Review the requirements for all session materials.
    • Logout – leave the Speaker Portal.
      Screenshot of Navigation menu with the title "P&A/CAP Annual Conference 2020" with the tabs, My Information, My Tasks, My sessions, Submit New Proposal, Presenter Guideline and Logout

      Figure 10. Left Side Navigation Menu


  3. To submit additional session proposals, click on Submit New Proposal and complete the session information as you did for the initial session.
  4. New session proposals may be submitted via the portal until Friday, December 13, 2019. Session proposals cannot be accepted after this date.

If you have any issues using the portal or need further assistance, please contact Marcia Baldwin at [email protected] or (202) 408-9514, ext. 132.

Follow this link to return to the 2020 P&A/CAP Annual Conference page.