Membership Services

P&As, CAPs, and allied organizations receive a number of benefits by joining the Network including discounted and free access to services products and services. Take a look at this overview of benefits. Additional information can be made available on request.

Government Affairs

Increase and Maintain P&A/CAP Appropriations

NDRN monitors the appropriations process with regard to P&A and CAP funds as well as advocates for additional sources of funding for new and existing federal programs.

Cost: Free to P&As and CAPs.

Advocate for Laws and Federal Policy that Protects Civil and Human Rights of People with Disabilities

NDRN advocates for the enactment and vigorous enforcement of laws protecting civil and human rights of people with disabilities. Members receive updates on disability policy issues and are invited and encouraged to participate Network activities. NDRN:

  • Tracks and follows policy actions in both Congress and the Administration and convey information to the membership on a regular basis
  • Drafts sample responses that can be used by the Network in responding to notices of proposed rulemaking
  • Discusses and explain federal requirements and federal restrictions around lobbying and educating policymakers

Cost: Free to NDRN members.

Administration and Management Services

Disability Advocacy Database

The Disability Advocacy Database (DAD) is a web-based data collection and management system developed by the Protection and Advocacy Network specifically for P&A/CAP programs. DAD’s features include:

  • Built in data collection and program performance reports (PPR) support for all nine P&A/CAP programs
  • Employee timekeeping and timesheet generation
  • Identify and track data trends

Cost: Annual subscription rate is based on agency size and type of installation

BoardSource Membership

NRDN has partnered with BoardSource to provide governance support to its members. BoardSource membership opportunities include: access to BoardSource’s governance experts; free monthly webinars; monthly editions of an e-newsletter; live trainings, assessment tools and books; personalized support from a member relations liaison; and more

Cost: Free with membership

Professional Liability Insurance Services

NDRN has negotiated deep discounts for professional liability services with Complete Equity Markets (CEM). CEM tailors solutions to insurance needs and requests of NDRN’s members. Basic policy coverages include professional liability, personal injury liability, disciplinary proceedings costs, and, recently added, data security breach. Optional coverages available include Management Errors and Omissions, Employment Practices, Criminal Defense Contempt Defense, Injunctive Relief Defense, Private Bar Delivery, Punitive Damages, and Discovery Defense Costs.

Cost: Premiums negotiated individually for each agency based on factors such as risk indicators, claims experience and deductibles.

External Relations

Online Fundraising, Engagement, & Organizing Software

Salsa is an online engagement tool that will allow your agency to fully engage your donors, supporters, and the general public through communication, fundraising requests and calls to action.

Cost: Contact NDRN for current pricing


Meltwater is the national leader for news and social media monitoring, media research, list building, and connecting with reporters.

Cost: Contact NDRN for current pricing

Direct Services

Peer to Peer Expertise Exchanges

NRDN hosts multiple topic-area listservs that allow for professionals working in that area to exchange ideas, and seek advice from others also working in the field.  They focus on specific personnel needs (Fiscal Management, HR Directors, Legal Directors, Development, and Communications), or subject areas (ADA, Abuse and Neglect, Community Integration, Criminal Justice, Education, Foster Care, Housing, Juvenile Justice, Return to Work, TBI and Voting).

Cost: Free with membership

Amicus Involvement

NDRN coordinates the submission of amicus briefs when disability issues are in the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals, the highest courts in the states and on rare occasions in intermediate level state courts and federal trial courts.

Cost: Free with membership

Professional Licensure Continuing Education Credits

NDRN as the sponsoring organization makes available to its members a wide array of professional licensure continuing education options including Continuing Legal Education (CLE) eligible sessions; Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Credits (CRC); and National Association of Social Workers (NASW) approved courses.

Cost: Costs vary depending on the event

Passport to Advocacy Learning

Passport to Advocacy Learning (PAL) The Passport to Advocacy Learning (PAL) program is an incentive to professional and personal development for people working in the P&A System.

Cost: Free to NDRN members.

National Red Cross/FEMA Memoranda of Understanding

NDRN has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and a Memorandum of Understanding with the American National Red Cross, enabling NDRN and the P&As to cooperate during preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation operations in the event of natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other man-made disasters, including catastrophic incidents.

Cost: Free to NDRN members.

Subscriptions & Publications

NDRN has negotiated deeply discounted rates on a number of publications of interest to its members.

Westlaw® is an online computer assisted legal research subscription service through West Group, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters Legal Publishing.

Cost: Request a quote

National Disability Law Reporter (NDLR) provides brief “Legal News” items which discuss significant court decisions, and actions by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Education, Federal Communications Commission, U.S. Department of Transportation and other federal agencies on disability issues.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Law Report (IDELR) is the most up to date complete reference source for special education law.

Special Education Law Monthly provides an update on the latest case law affecting all aspects of special education programs. It is the perfect complement to Special Ed Connections.

Special Ed Connection is the complete Web resource for answers to your special education questions.

Cost: Request a quote

Specialized Consulting Services

NDRN may also provide consulting services to its members at a discounted rate to provide some of the following services:

Ethics Consulting

The Ethics Consultant Group is comprised of prominent academics from around the country who are available for informal consultation with Network attorneys on legal ethics/professional responsibility issues that may arise.

Cost: Negotiable for Members in Good Standing and dependent on the level of service required

Peer Organizational Reviews

NDRN uses the P&A Advocacy Standards to coordinate a group of peer P&A staff to review the governance, leadership and management, fiscal operations, and legal program based on the P&A Advocacy Standards.

Cost: Costs are negotiated based on specific requests.

If you’re a member agency, and are interested in learning more about the services and benefits included in your existing membership, please contact NDRN.