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Associate Membership Benefits

Associate members receive a number of benefits by joining the Network including discounted and free access to services products and services. Take a look at this overview of benefits. Additional information can be made available on request. 

Legislative & Government Affairs

Capitol_-_From_aoc.gov_croppedNDRN advocates for the enactment and vigorous enforcement of laws protecting civil and human rights of people with disabilities.  Members receive updates on disability policy issues and are invited and encouraged to participate Network activities. NDRN:

arrow Tracks and follows policy actions in both Congress and the Administration and convey information to the membership on a regular basis,

arrow Drafts sample responses that can be used by the Network in responding to notices of proposed rulemaking,

arrow Discusses and explain federal requirements and federal restrictions around lobbying and educating policymakers,

Cost: Free with Membership.  See also, Specialized Consulting Services.

Peer to Peer Expertise Exchanges

NRDN hosts multiple topic-area listservs that allow for professionals working in that area to exchange ideas, and seek advice from others also working in the field.  The listservs are monitored and supported by NDRN staff who are specialists in that area.  They focus on specific personnel needs (Fiscal Management, HR Directors, Legal Directors, Development, and Communications), or subject areas (ADA, Abuse and Neglect, Community Integration, Criminal Justice, Education, Foster Care, Housing, Juvenile Justice, Return to Work, TBI and Voting).

Cost: Free with Membership.

Amicus InvolvementSupremeCourt

NDRN, through the NDRN Legal Strategy Subcommittee, coordinates the submission of amicus briefs when disability issues are in the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals, the highest courts in the states and on rare occasions in intermediate level state courts and federal trial courts.  NDRN assists members seeking amicus support for its own cases or in cases the P&As become aware of being litigated by other entities that may have a significant effect on how laws affecting people with disabilities are being interpreted by the Courts.  NDRN can assist in the recruiting of amicus authors and working with the Legal Strategy Subcommittee can work with authors to help ensure that the amicus briefs reflect the values of the Network and are of high quality.  NDRN also tracks significant cases involving disability issues and notifies members about cases they may want to become involved in.

Cost: Free with Membership.

Professional Liability Insurance Services

NDRN has negotiated deep discounts for professional liability services with Complete Equity Markets (CEM).  CEM tailors solutions to insurance needs and requests of NDRN’s members.  Basic policy coverages include professional liability, personal injury liability, disciplinary proceedings costs, and, recently added, data security breach.  Optional coverages available include Management Errors and Omissions, Employment Practices, Criminal Defense Contempt Defense, Injunctive Relief Defense, Private Bar Delivery, Punitive Damages, and Discovery Defense Costs.

Cost: Premiums negotiated individually for each agency based on factors such as risk indicators, claims experience and deductibles.

Salsa – Online Fundraising, Engagement, & Organizing

Salsa is an online engagement tool that will allow your agency to fully engage your donors, supporters, and the general public through communication, fundraising requests and calls to action.  The use of the Salsa chapter platform will allow you to get a full view of your donor’s activity, response to calls to action and manage communications.  Salsa will not only allow better communication with your supporters but it will also help the Network to respond quickly and more effectively to issues at the national level.

Cost: Contact NDRN for current pricing.

BoardSource Membership

NRDN has partnered with BoardSource to provide governance support to its members that can be accessed directly.  BoardSource membership opportunities include:

arrow Access to BoardSource’s governance experts via its “Ask an Expert” e-mail customer service and semi-monthly “Ask the Governance Expert” webinars,

arrow Free monthly webinars on issues affecting board leaders and chief executives,

arrow Monthly editions of an e-newsletter just for BoardSource members,

arrow Member pricing on BoardSource’s live trainings, assessment tools and books,

arrow Personalized support from a member relations liaison who can help identify and select relevant resources and tools, and

arrow Other special benefits of membership.

Cost: Free with Membership.

Disability Advocacy Database (DAD)

The Disability Advocacy Database (DAD) is a web based system that provides subscribers with a customized advocacy services tracking application with focus on federal reporting.  In addition to using the employee entered data to complete program performance reports, DAD provides: time entry tracking with timesheet generation allowing for time entries to be tied back to specific advocacy activities.  Additional customization and reporting tools give local agencies the ability to identify and track data trends of their agency as well as to include local funding sources for use.

Cost: Annual subscription rate is based on agency size and type of installation.

Public Relations / Press Services

Provides NDRN eNR Services to its members. Through its maintenance of up-to-date media contact lists at a local and national level, as well as its platform to create press releases and other media tools, eNR can support your external relations activities to find journalists and outlets so they can build lists, distribute press releases and create multimedia press kits.  Communicators can monitor the impact of media campaigns with access to real-time news content from tens of thousands of print, online, blog, and broadcast sources. Additionally, eNR can set up free email alerts, preview the news for free and save only the news they need. For more information go to:

Cost: $800 per year (November 1 to October 31).


Gavel_-_SmallWestlaw is an on-line computer assisted legal research subscription service through West Group, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters Legal Publishing.  It provides access to a vast array of legal information, libraries and databases at both the federal and state levels.  NDRN negotiates a group subscription rate currently with a 5-tiered pricing schedule.  In addition to the databases under the group subscription agreement, member subscribers can purchase additional state or subject-specific content unique to its location and concentration, if needed.

Cost: Request quote


NDRN has negotiated deeply discounted rates on a number of publications of interest to its members.

arrow National Disability Law Reporter (NDLR) is published by LRP Publications and is issued bi-weekly, omitting issues in January, April, August and November. It provides brief “Legal News” items which discuss significant court decisions, and actions by stack-of-newspapersthe Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Education, Federal Communications Commission, U.S. Department of Transportation and other federal agencies on disability issues.  It focuses on court decisions, changes in laws and regulations that affect people with disabilities primarily in employment, education, public accommodations, communications and transportation. NDLR provides brief summaries of federal court decisions in both the district courts and the Circuit Courts.

arrow Individuals with Disabilities Education Law Report (IDELR) is the most up to date complete reference source for special education law.  Be among the first to know and learn from cases involving classroom discipline of students with special needs, mediation of disputes, development of effective Individualized Education Programs (IEP), compliance with state standards and more.  Use it to formulate your course of action with the full text of major federal statutes and regulations, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) policy rulings, Section 504 policy rulings, federal and state court decisions, and SEA appeals decisions.

arrow Special Education Law Monthly provides an update you on the latest case law affecting all aspects of special education programs.  It is the perfect complement to Special Ed Connections.  From discipline to evaluations, and from eligibility to related services, you'll make decisions with confidence knowing you're on top of the most recent: Federal and state court rulings; State Educational Agency (SEA) due process hearing decisions; Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) and Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Letters of Clarification; Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Letters of Finding.  Special Education Law Monthly is designed to save you time.  A quick glance at the cover page gives you an overview of all the case subjects covered inside plus a brief description of each ruling.  Skim the cover to determine which rulings you want to focus on now.  And, you can refer to the cover pages of past issues when you need guidance on handling specific situations that arise. Inside, Special Education Law Monthly is packed with easy to understand summaries that quickly get to the heart of each ruling. You learn how the courts and hearing officers are ruling on other districts' policies and actions so you can avoid the same expensive, time consuming litigation.

arrow Special Ed Connection is the complete Web resource for answers to your special education questions.  With 24/7 online access to the latest news and guidance, Special Ed Connection7 has the solutions you and your staff are looking for on: Section 504; Early Childhood; Behavior & Discipline; Inclusion; Lawsuits & Rulings; and so much more.  It also, includes daily emails with case highlights, breaking news, and articles of note.

Cost: Request a quote

Specialized Consulting Services

NDRN may also provide consulting services to its members at a discounted rate to provide some of the following services:

arrow Executive & Management Search Firm: NDRN can act as the search firm for member agencies in their recruitment of a new Executive Director as well as other key staff.  In this capacity, NDRN will modify its service to meet the needs of its member and its hiring committee.  Generally, this entails a dedicated NDRN staff person to:  Work with the hiring committee or Board of Directors to describe the position including selection criteria and launch the search, identify candidates from inside the organization as well as nationally, screen candidates to present strongest candidates to board, manage logistics of the search, assist in developing interview questions and evaluating candidates, and check references.

arrow Legislative & Government Affairs Consulting: Let NDRN help your organization with your public policy efforts.  NDRN can plan meetings and accompany members to the Hill or Executive Branch agency for meetings and discussions with elected representatives as well as agency staff, review materials produced by the agency and provide thoughts on its compliance with requirements and restrictions, serve as a coach or mentor to members that have not done policy work before to help guide the member through the process.

arrow The Ethics Consultant Group is comprised of prominent academics from around the country who have agreed to be available for informal consultation with Network attorneys on legal ethics/professional responsibility issues that may arise.  The pro bono consultation is informal and does not constitute legal advice, but provides attorneys advisory ethics guidance and an opportunity to think through and strategize regarding the application of rules of professional conduct in thorny legal practice situations.

Cost: Negotiable for Members in Good Standing and dependent on the level of service required.