Community Integration - Olmstead Progress Reports

Links to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Policy Letters related to Olmstead Implementation

June 2004: A Nationwide Study of Deinstitutionalization & Community Integration: A Special Report of Equip for Equality (The Illinois P&A) Public Policy & Legal Advocacy Programs

2004: The 2004 David Braddock Report on The State of the States in Medicaid and State Funding for Developmental Disabilities

October 2003: The RWJ, Center for Health Care Strategies, Promoting Community Integrations: Barriers and Best Practices from Seven State Receipients of Olmstead Planning Grants

October 2003: Forcing Down The Nursing Facility Door: P&A Olmstead Enforcement for Nursing Facility Residents

October 2002: 3rd year NAPAS Olmstead Progress Report: Progress on federal efforts to assist states to comply, as well as promising implementation efforts; and ideas for next steps  for advocates to encourage compliance