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Legislative Action Center

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Current Priorities

NDRN's legislative priorities for the current Congress include:

CapdomeAppropriations and the Federal Budget

NDRN believes that Congress and the White House must address the significant – and growing – unmet needs of children and adults with disabilities and their families by increasing existing federal funding, including funding for the P&A/CAP network.  Check out what you should be telling your lawmakers.


Investing in a successful educational experience is the major route for individuals with disabilities to become independent, productive, and contributing members of their communities.  NDRN believes children with disabilities have the right to a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. Learn more about what NDRN is doing to improve educational opportunities for students with disabilities.


People with disabilities can, and do, work in all areas of the American workforce.  NDRN believes that everyone who wants to work should have the opportunity, even people with the most significant disabilities. 

NDRN Calls on Saint Louis To Continue To Support Everyone Earning The Minimum Wage - September 10, 2015

Find out what NDRN is doing to make it happen.


NDRN believes individuals with disabilities have the equal right to access high-quality, affordable healthcare that meets the specific needs of the individual and includes mental health services.  Learn more about healthcare.

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Taking Action

NDRN works with Congress, the White House and federal agencies to improve laws and programs that benefit people with disabilities and to strengthen the programs that created the Protection and Advocacy Network.

Support Our Work

Help us keep up the fight for strong federal programs that promote freedom of choice and self determination for people with disabilities.

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