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Training and Advocacy Support Center at NDRN

The Training and Advocacy Support Center (TASC) is a centralized repository for training and technical assistance information and coordination for the federally mandated Protection and Advocacy (P&A) and Client Assistance Programs (CAP).

TASC is a federal interagency project by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD), the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), the Social Security Administration (SSA), and the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA).

All of the activities of TASC are based on the principles of:

Equality, Equity and Fairness

People with disabilities are full and equal citizens under the law. They are entitled to equal access to the opportunities afforded to all members of the society. People with disabilities are entitled to be free from abuse, neglect, exploitation, discrimination, and isolation, and to be treated with respect and dignity.

Meaningful Choice & Empowerment 

People – regardless of type or level of disability or age – have the right to make choices with respect to daily routines and major life events.

Supports and Participation

Services and supports are shaped by the unique needs and preferences of each individual, and assure opportunities for integration in all aspects of life. Services are age-appropriate and premised on the fact that people with disabilities continue to learn, grow, and develop throughout their lives. For children, such growth is best accomplished within families, and for adults, in integrated communities rather than institutions.


Services are based on equal access, peer support, and self-determination to be achieved through individual, professional and system advocacy. Services must maximize leadership, independence, productivity, and integration of individuals with disabilities.

Cultural Competency

People with disabilities shall be included in all activities undertaken by the Network and P&A/CAP staff. Boards and services should reflect the diverse cultural, ethnic, racial, and disability diversity of their state.

Resource Generation

P&As/CAPs will be leaders in public policy that has a positive impact on the lives of children and adults with disabilities and their families. P&As/CAPs will work to enhance their resources to provide high-quality legal and advocacy services to people with disabilities.

Login to TASC

TASC maintains a fully accessible web-based collection of training materials and links to other resources, providing assistance on a large number of diverse and sophisticated issues. The TASC website is for members only.


TASC offers a full range of conferences and educational programming designed especially for P&A/CAP professionals and other disability rights advocates. These programs are held in various locations throughout the year.

See the Training Schedule